Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Russian borsch

Russian borsch

500g or beef with bone
3 carrots
1 onion
1 white parsely
1 piece of cellery
500g red beet (it can be fresh and then you boil it and cut it in pieces or already sterilized)
3 potatoes
1 tomato
1 quater of white cabbage
200g tomato sauce
a little garlic, 1-2 cloves
one spoon of vinegar
o spoon of sugar
sour cream

The beef must be for sure with bone. The bone and the beet give the aroma to the borsch. Wash the meat and put it whole to boil in 3 litters of water with salt. Leave it to boil for at least 1 hour- 1 hour and a half. Meanwhile cut the onion in small pieces and fry it in a little oil. Cut in rings the carrots, the cellery and parsley and add in the pan. Fry the vegetables until they are soft. After the meat is boiled get it out of the soup. Clean the meat and cut it in pieces. Put the meat back in teh soup. Put also the vegetables inside. If the water evaporated too much you can add a glass or two of water. Leave everything to boil.
Prepare the beet. If the beet is fresh, boil and cut it in small pieces. If it is already sterilized, cut it in pieces. The pieces can be smaller or bigger after taste. Put the beet in the pan and fry it in a little oil. Fry it for 5 minutes and add the tomato sauce, dizolved in a little soup. Mix it. Add a spoon of sugar and one of vinegar. Add the beet in the soup.
Cut the potatoes in cubes and add them to the soup. Cut he cabbage and add to the soup. Leave to boil for one more hour. When everything is almost done crush the garlic. Add a little oil and salt. Peel the tomato, cut it very small and add to the tomato. Mix it and put it in the soup. leave for 10 minutes to boil.
Don't eat immediately. Leave it for 4-5 hours before eating.
Serve it hot with sour cream.

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