Thursday, March 8, 2012

Palma de Mallorca

How best to start my presentation of the places we visited if not with our favorite vacation destination: Palma de Mallorca. Palma is the capital city and the major port of the small island Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands.If you live in Bratislava it is easy to reach it. Every Tuesday and Saturday there are planes coming and going to and from Palma de Mallorca. It is a very appreciated destination for the Slovaks. We usually get to the Airport of Palma de Mallorca (called Aeroport de Son Sant Joan) in the night somewhere around ten o'clock. Immediately after the arrival you feel the change of climate, The warm wet nigh and the smell of the sea, the beautiful tall palm trees that surround the airport, everything is like a dream.
Now we have to get to the beautiful Can Pastilla beach where we love to spend our vacation. From the airport there is a direct bus nr. 20 to the Can Pastilla beach. The ticket costs around 2-3 euros and it takes you along the long beach stopping in front of the major hotels. Our favorite hotel is Roc Leo, we go there every year. It is very close to the beach, you can go in your slippers and wrapped in a towel and in 2 minutes you are in the sea.The breakfast and dinner is included and the meals are delicious: steaks, meat, paella, potatoes, deserts,fruits, ice creams etc.

The first thing we do in the morning after breakfast is to run to the beach. In the morning the beach is clean and prepared for a new day.

But during the day the beach gets busy. you can seat on the warm sand and sunbath or you can swim in the warm sea with law waves. The water is not deep and you can swim for a long time and still touch the bottom.

In the afternoon after lunch you can rest and then go to the city.There is a bus just outside the hotel that takes you in 10 minutes directly to the city. The first thing you should visit and that you can see from the bus and even from the plane: The Cathedral of Mallorca, a Gothic Roman Catholic Church. The Church is made of gold limestone.The first time a saw it, it looked like a huge sand castle on the beach.

In order to get to the Cathedral you have to walk through a beautiful garden and then get up a set of large stone steps.

As you walk up the large steps to the Cathedral you are taken away by the size and large number of the Gothic tower and the beautiful shape of the Church.

However the most beautiful part of the Church, from my point of view is the rose window, which looks amazing from outside, and on the inside it is so beautifully colored.

The sun shinning on it in makes strange rainbow lights around the inside of the Church.

After you are done visiting one of the most beautiful churches you can go and walk in the city. The city is full of narrow streets and beautiful old buildings, most of them white or yellow or orange, with blue or green wooden shades. Sometimes you came out into a wide sunny square full of  open air restaurants. The streets are full of shops. You can shop for clothes, souvenirs, postcard, jewels or you can stop to eat at one of the hundreds restaurants and fast-foods, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, sweet shops.

In the evening when you return to Can Pastilla you can take a walk along the beach. The beautiful sea is shining on one side, the sand is golden from the sun and on the other side hotels or beautiful beach houses, white with blue or green wooden shades, a lot of palm trees on both sides of the road. You can see all the couples and families taking their evening walk. You can stops at fast-food or cafes, you can buy snacks or drinks from small supermarkets, you can buy souvenirs from the small boutiques. We bought calendars, postcards, small ceramic dishes and small presents.

And after you get tired from your walk you can just sit down and watch the sunset. The sun goes slowly down and touches the sea in the horizon, it sends it's last golden rays along the water and the send, the waves sparkles and the sand shines like gold. The skies turn red and there is a peace around you, the only sound is the the sound of the waves and seagulls flying around before they go to sleep. Then little by little it turns dark and you can seat there in the cool night breeze and listen to the sea.

The last golden sun rays falling on the sandy beach. Late swimmers are coming out of the sea and couples walking on the sand.

Sunset on the Can Pastilla beach.

Golden beaches in the sunset on Can Pastilla.

Or in the evening you can visit the nice little Catholic Church near the beach.

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