Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kapustnica (cabbage soup)

Kapustnica (cabbage soup)

One of the most famous traditional foods in Slovakia is Kapustnica. It is done on Christmass especially and i simply felt in love wit it.

one piece of smoked ham with bone
1-2 sausages
100g dried mushrooms
100g dried plumms
1kg of sterilized cabbage
potatoes (4-5 medium)
2 onions
condiments (salt, condiments, paprika, cumin,  whole peppers, maioran, 4 bay leaves)
2 spoons of tomato sauce

The ham and the sausage are boiled in 4 liters of water. After 10 minutes of boiling add the mushrooms (which were earlier left in some water) and the plums (i didn't put) and leave it to boil until the meat is almost done. Add the cabbage (which first has to be washed so it will not be too sour) and leave it to boil for 1 hour. At half an hour after boiling add the onion cut in small pieces  and condiments after taste.
When the hour is finished get out the ham and the sausages and let them cool until you can touch them. Cut all the meat from the bone in pieces, cut the sausages in rings and put them all back in the soup. Add the potatoes peeled and cut in small cubes. Add the rest of condiments: whole piper, bay leaves, cumin, and the two spoons of tomato sauce. Leave the potatoes to boil until they are done.
Serve it hot and if you want with cream.

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