Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beef soup with liver dumplings

Beef soup with liver dumplings

For soup
1 kg beef with fat and bone

3 big carrots
1 white parsley
1 piece of cellery
1 kohlrabi

For dumplings
200-250 chiken livers
1 egg
1 tea spoon majoran
1 tea spoon sweet paprika
1 tea spoon garlic powder
1 tea spoon salt
3-4 soup spoons of bread crumbs 

The meat is boiled in a big pot with water, salt and condiments. When it is done take the meat out, clean and pill the vegetables. Put the white vegetables whole in the soup ( int eh end you will remove them). You can the carrots in large wheels and add them to the soup. Boil until the vegetables are soft. You can add fresh green chopped parsley in the end.

For the dumpling you put the livers and the eggs in the robot and mince them. Add the condiments and the bread crumbs and stir well. Leave it for a few minutes to rest, try it with the spoon , it must be not very soft and very hard. You can add a little bread crumbs if it is too liquid.

Now we will use the apparatus for the dumplings (halusky). It is an indispensable in the Slovak kitchen where the favorite is all types of halusky. You put the apparatus above a pot with boiling water like in the
pictures. You put the paste inside the cover and push it to and back on the metal with  the small holes.
Drops of the paste are falling from the metal holes and boil inside of the water. You continue until all the 
paste is done and then boil for 10 more minutes to be sure all the dumplings are boiled.

You strain them into a strainer and add the to the soup.

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