Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another type of shaorma

Another type of shaorma

I will not put quantities because everybody can put as much as he wants.
Turkish breads
chicken breasts

For the sauce:
1 yogurt
2 cloves of garlic

Cut all the vegetables small and keep it. Cut the mushrooms and the meat in strips. Put the mushrooms to fry in a little oil and after 3 minutes add the meat. Put salt, pepper and add any condiment that you want. Fry until it is done. Wipe the Turkish bread with mayo. Over put a mix of meant and mushrooms as much as you want. Add the vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, onion.
In the kitchen robot you squash the garlic. Put the yougurt, salt and oil and mix for a few seconds in the robot.
Put the sauce over all the ingredients in the Turkish bread. Pack it in half.
You can eat it with knife and fork or help yourself with another Turkish bread.

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