Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Katka's story

Katka was most probably conceived on the sunny shores of Palma de Mallorca. Whether it was the calm blue sea, the sun setting on the golden red sand that made me happy and calm or the prayers in the sand castle like Cathedral of Mallorca, or the candle offered to the Virgin Mary in a small church in the city  i know not. What is certain is that Katka came back with us on the plane to Bratislava. When on the plane's window i could see my beloved Bratislava Castle and the Dome St. Martin, Katka was there with me greeting her hometown.She is our surprise and  the greatest souvenir which we took back from our vacation. Since then Katka has traveled more in mummy's belly. She was in Greece on the beautiful island of Korfu where she was swimming in a beautiful sea with big blue fishes, then she went by boat to Albania, by train to Vienna for the Christmas Markets and to Hungary to shop in Tesco.
Katka liked to stay in the belly very much so she stayed there 10 days after the delivery term much to the
anointment of her parents. But when she came out it was the best day of our life. She came to us on an unusual cold day of April but she warmed it with her first cry and the look from her eyes. The first few days of her life have been the most confused but beautiful days of my life. I could not believe that this beautiful little creature with a lot of black hair and blue eyes came out of me and is my child.
Today as i look at her face i think of one of my favorite songs from Chris Rea "Look deep into the April's face, a change is clearly taking place, I'm looking for the summer." She seems to me that her face is the face of April, of spring, green, fresh full of new life but also every changing and slowly maturing into summer. And as i look into her eyes and wait to see what their permanent color will be i keep wondering what miracles will see in her life, what great things will she experience, what countries will she visit and what special places. Will she go to see the pyramids or the Sistine Chapel in Rome, will she like the golden sands of Palma de Mallorca or the snows from the Austrian Alps. What will she like to eat and drink, what will she learn, what will be her favorite color and her favorite song, what will she think and dream, what will her favorite ice-cream flavor will be. And what excites me the  most and brings a shiver down my spine is that i will see her grow and discover this things together with her. And this in my opinion is the miracle and blessing of parenthood, greater then any pain and suffering of pregnancy and birth.
If i would give Katka an advice this will be "I gave you life so you will live it." I will take care of you and
watch you grow but then  a whole world of possibilities lie in front of you and you have it in your power to do whatever you dream.

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  1. Hi! I just randomly came upon your page when reading about Bratislava (I was just there and I wish I had read about your blog before!) and read this and just wanted to say that it´s really beautiful!