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Since summer is coming i think that a few articles about sea and lakes and aquaparks. One of the most beautiful aquapark in Slovakia is the Tatralandia in Liptovsky Mikulas. It is called like this because it is located in the hearth of the Tatra mountains. You can get to Liptovsky Mikulas with the train from Bratislava, it takes around 4 hours. Then from the small city you take a taxi to the Aquapark.
Tatralandia is not only an Aquapark but a whole resort with the aquapark, hotel, restaurant and small wooden houses or apartments where the tourists are accommodated. The houses are equipped with kitchens and fridges so you can cook for yourselves. However the one thing missing there is a shop or some simple fast-food or small restaurants. In case you don't have a car it is difficult for you to shop and cook. You need a taxi to go to the city.

Our wooden house 


 Breakfast in the hotel

The houses are spread all over a valley and surrounded by high mountains, covered with snow and green pastures. Sometimes herds of sheep or cows pass by grazing on the green hills around the hotel. The wooden houses give it the appearance of a small mountain village. There is grass everywhere and trees an small playgrounds for the children. The air is perfect, clean and crisp mountain air and the sun is pleasant.

Herds of ship grazing around the village

Wooden houses
Wooden houses

At the entrance of the aquapark there is a small imitation of a mountain village with a bridge and a wood house and a small wooden church.

Small village replica

After that there is a long, green place and hill around with umbrellas or without where you can lie in the sun and enjoy. And on this hill and valley where the aquapark is constructed is a dreamland of water and pools and slides and everything that anyone can wish for to have the perfect vacation or day off from reality.

The Aquapark lying on a green hill

The Aquapark is huge full of pools and attractions. There are swimming pools, pools for children and thermal water pools. There are summer pools and undercover pools. There are tens and tens of water slides and tubes and other attractions. The pools are full of attractions for children, water mushrooms, water jets and water swings. You can play there also water basketball, volleyball or aquaerobic.

Huge water slide in Tatralandia

 Thermal pool

The major slides

If it is cold you can choose to the Tropical Paradise, a whole complex of undercover pools where you can swim in the middle of the winter. When you enter the building the first thing you enter is the locker room, where you can undress, shower, dry your hair and prepare for entering the pools.

Entrance to the Tropical paradise

Locker room

Then you enter the upper level of the pools areas. From there you have a view of all the beautiful white pools with clean, clear perfect water. There are sunbeds everywhere where you can rest and there is also a imitation of a huge pirate ship.

Inside pools
Spanish ship
Spanish ship


As you go down you can see all the different pools. The first is the Snorkeling Pool. There you can go underwater and admire fake, toy treasures and animals.

Snorkeling pool

Snorkeling pool
From there you can go to the mail hall where there are 4 pools. The first is the Bubble pool, where you can let yourselves massages of jets of bubbles and with sea water.

Bubble pool

The there is the White Lagoon, or the relaxation pool, full of warm sea water in which you can sit and swim peacefully.

White Lagoon

You can try also the Paradise Pool, where you can lie on the massage benches and enjoy a good massage with bubbles. The water there is sweet and therapeutically. It is also the pool closer to the Spanish ship. The last of the four is the Tropical pool where the water is sweet and there are jets of water to massage the back and the feet.

Paradise pool and Tropical pool

In the middle of the pools there is a pool bar where you can enjoy drinks while still in the water.

The Bar in the middle of the pool

In the evening and the night the pools are lighted with different lights and the waters turn magically green or red or blue.

Pool by night
Pools by nigh
There are also two other pools: the Ocean Pool and the pool for the children but we didn't have time to visit it. You can visit Tatralandia all time of the year and it is a perfect vacation or weekend for swimming and also visit the mountains if you wish it.

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