Friday, July 17, 2015

Senec lake and Aquapark

Senec lake is very close to Bratislava and a perfect summer weekend location for a lot of people living in the capital of Slovakia. It takes less then half hour by car to get there and there are many hotels ready to take you. After you check yourself in the hotel you can take a walk along the lake called also Slnecne Jazera or the Sunny Lakes. The water of the lake is the very clean and many people are sunbathing along the sunny shore. There is green grass everywhere and the people in the water and small birds like ducks or swans are floating on the water.

People sunbathing near the lake

Ducks and swans swimming on the lake

There are restaurants and hotel all over the shore, fast-food and ice-cream parlors. There are also here and there water slides where the children can climb and enjoy while parents sunbathe or have lunch in the restaurants.


On the other side of the lake you can see villas and houses with gardens and boats. The whole beach is full of umbrellas and changing places. From place to place there are also playgrounds for children with swings and slides. The sun is shinning and the water looks beautiful and sparkling. Green beautiful trees are ornamenting the beach along the lake.

Green trees along the lake

When you get tired of swimming in the lake you can go on a street near the lake where the camping area is. There is full of restaurants, fast-food, hotels and pensions, ice-cream parlors, shops with water toys and juices. You can choose to have a nice cooked meal in the wonderful rustic and wooden hotel and restaurant Koliba. You can have pizzas or hamburgers and other fast-food in the small restaurants along the way. A good choice is also the fried or baked or grilled delicious fish. As a desert you can have ice-cream or the famous and beautiful Slovak ginger bread.

Hotel and restaurant Koliba


When you are done admiring the beautiful landscape and swimming in the lake you can always try another major attraction: The Aquapark Senec. The aquapark is build on a beautiful, green and sunny plain. There are water slides and umbrellas and pools and sunbeds everywhere.The park is opened all year long no matter what the temperature is outside.

Entrance to Aquapark

There are 6 pools which are opened all year long. Inside the main building there is first the main undercover swimming pool for all ages. There is also a pool of warm thermal water which is good for relaxation and bubbles massage. Then there is a very small pool for babies and children under 6 years old. Another pool starts from inside the building and continues outside, filled with warm thermal water. The last pool in the main building is the one where the biggest water slide tube is ending.In another building there is an undercover pool with lanes for real swimmers and for swimming lessons. The summer pools and offers are much more attractive and fun. There are a lot of water slides all over the park from small ones to the biggest. The bigger one in many colors and curving and sliding have names like Blue Speed, Tsunami and Tornado. The small ones are more simple and for little children and their parents. There is also a very famous pool with slow flowing water where you can let yourself in taken by the stream lying in a wheel. of course there is also a pool with shallow water for children and a playground.

Water slides
Water slides

There is a restaurant where you can order a meal for you and your family but if you do not wish it there are plenty of fast foods, ice-cream parlors and refreshment along the park.

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