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Bratislava Danube

One of the most beautiful things to do in Bratislava is to have a nice walk around the Danube bank. Danube is one of the largest rivers in Europe and on eof the most famous. It passes Slovakia for a very short way howevwer it is the symbol of the city Bratislava. It flows through the middle of the city and it has 5 beautiful bridges. The Lafranconi bridge, the SNP bridge, Stary most or the Old Bridge, which was recently reconstructed and repainted in green, the Apollo bridge which looks like a wonderful opened fan and Pristavny bridge which is near the bratislava dock on the Danube. 

This article will be about the wonderful things you can do ad visit along the Danube bank in the center of the city. As you step down from the bus in the city old center under the Most SNP you have the UFO and the Danube on the right and the Bratislava Castle and the Dome St. Martin on the left. In the beggining you can start by visiting the catle and cathedral. The view from in front of the castle is amazing, you cann the wonderful Danube all the way to Devin and Hungary, Austria and Hungary. The catle and the church are already described in other articles of mine on the blog.

View of Most SNP from the Castle

 One of the most interesting and modern attraction in the city center of Bratislava is ofcourse the Most SNP or nicknamed The UFO because of the shape of the restaurant on the top of it. The bridge opened in 1972 connects the Old City Center to the Petrzalka borough. It is the only suspended bridge in Bratislava, it doesn't have any supporting pillars in the Danube. Everyday thousands of cars and busses cross the bridge every day and under them there are two pedestrian lanes. Depending on the lane you choose you will have a view of the Danube and the Austrian hills and on the other side a view of the Apollo and Stary Most bridges. The best part of the visit to the Most SNP is the fact that the tower of the bridge is opened to public. An elevator is waiting to take you up the almost 100 metters up the tower from the bottom of the bridge on the petrzalka side. On the top of the tower there is a large round resturant in the shape of a UFO. And on top of it out in the open there is an observation deck. From there the whole Bratislava stands at your feet. In front of you appears suddently the whole old city center of Bratislava with all it's attractions, the castle and the Cathedral, the many beautiful and old houses with red tiles in the center. Back in the distance on the top of a green hill there is the Slavin monument dedicated to the dead russian soldiers in the world war two.

View of the Old City Center from the UFO

The Danube is flows through the middle the town as a silver serpent and it is  bordered by two
green beatiful banks. Boat are flaoting on both banks there are boat hotels and resturants.

The Danube viewd from the tower

Restaurants and cruise sships

Behind us there is Petrzalka, a conglomerate of blocks of flats, higher and lower, smaller and bigger, in many different colors. The trip up the tower is definnitely worth it, it is a most amazing and carefree feeling being up there.

Petrzalka viewed from the UFO

As we came down from the tower we had the surprise to watch a cruise boat slide along the Danube and rotate on the water.

Cruise shipunder the bridge

Another beautiful thing to do is a nice walk along the bank of the Danube on either sides. You can either walk on a wnderful small road near the Aupark or on the sidewalk. It is nicely arranged with bnches and lage gorgeous trees, the boat hotels on the Danube and the wonderful old buildings in the center. 
Walk along the Danube

As we walk by the Komenskeho University and the Stary Most we can go down by the Danube bank and walk very near the water. We walk under the bridge and onto the gardens of the the mall Eurovea. There are many restaurants an bar and ice-creams in Eurovea where you can sit and enjoy a lemonade or a meal while watching the Danube flowing. Families with children are walking by, there is green grass everywhere and playgrounds for the kids. In the middle of the mall there is a wonderfull fountain and a few steps going down to the water where you can sit on sunny days and simply enjoy the Danube.

Walk near the Danube in Eurovea
Eurovea near the Danube

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