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My 50 greatest places to visit

Have you ever seen thosse articles with the 100 places to visit before you die? I was always angry that i never got them all or i got very little. And then i was thinking of all the great places i visised and i was sad that they did not appear on these lists. So i decided to make my own list of impressive places i visited and recommend to visit.

1. The Sixtine Chapel
It doesn't need any presentation, it is one of the most beautiful places i have ever visited, the paitings are beathtaking and for a few moments i forgot myself in the beauty. I do not have pictures since it is not allowed to make pictures when visting.

2. Soller port and town
This small golf in Mallorca is excelent for a very quiet vacation with the family, and the trip there in the wooden train from Palma is amazing.

3. Vatican museums
This was for me like a dream come true, the whole collection of beautiful works of art, you can spen whole days just walking along the corridors and you will always find more to see

From Raphaels rooms

 Hall of maps

4. Colleseum
One of the symbols of Rome, a place of history and a symbol of all the people who died in the past in the name of entertainment

5. Catedral de Mallorca
One of my favourite churches in the world, except my Rusovce church. I always enjoy visting it, it looks like a sand castle and it is surrounded by so much sea and light.

6. Akropolis
I do not have pictures any more but the Akropolis were the first monumet i visited in my travels and it will always be close to my heart as Athens

7. Temple of Sounio
The most beautiful sunset in the world, people say it is Santorini however i didn't visit it yet so i can say without lying that Sounio is one of the most romantic places

8. Turkis market places in Bodrun and Marmaris
The turkish markets are famous and colorful and tasty

Markets in Marmaris

 Markets in Bodrun

9. Aegina island
Is the first island i visited durring a winter course with students all over Europe. It is very small island famous for it's pistacho, very delicious.

10. Navagio beach in Zakynthos
If you have seen the famous pictures of Navagio they are not photoshoped, it really looks like this, the white pebbles on the beach, the water of a blue unimaginable

11. Blue caves in Zakynthos island
Simply a masterpiece of nature

11. Brussel central square
The center of Brussel is absolutely impressive, the old buildings and the pubs around are a tourists dream

12. Bruge
Very small town in Belgium build arouna a beutiful canal, you can feel like in a small Venice

13. Knox and Ostende
Belgium sea side cities, very beautiful, kind of expensive and the water is really cold

14. Brno castle
The Brno castle was one of the first monuments i visited when arriving in Brno, it is impressive and beautiful, however there was missing the green spots around it

15. Palma aquarium
Amazingly beautiful and educational, good trip when you have small children, there is a huge tank where you feel like in the middle of the sea

16. Old Town Rhodos
Along the cobble stone streets you feel like in the middle ages, beautiful town and wonderful shops 

18. St. Peter's Square
Between the colonnades and in front of the Basilica i felt small but very very happy

19. Piazza dei Popoli
A very large and beautiful square in Rome, once the Porta Flaminia seems to be guarded by the Obelisk and the twin little churches: Santa Maria Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli

20. Fontana di Trevi
One of the most beautiful works of art i have ever seen, the white statues and the blue clear water, you can watch it for hours

21. Palma city center
Palm trees, shops, bars and restaurants, ice cream parlors, Palma is one of my favourite vacation locations, worth the trip

22. Athens
Athens was my first trip outside Romania, when i was in a student organization. What can i write about Athens, it is a real walk through history, pleasant, amazing

23. Kos windmills
A nice place to visit, it gives you a glimpse of life in the past on the greek islands

24. Sunset on the road between Achilleas hotel and Mastichari
A beautiful walk along the beach in Kos island, the hotel always ofered us a taxi to go to Mastichari but we always preffered the walk along the sea shore

25. Place of the collosus
It make you feel small to be in this pace and imagine how huge this statue of ancient time used to be andd how it was greeting the ships coming into port

26. Korfu old town
Beautiful large cobble stones streets and venecian buildings, sourvenir shops and elegant restaurants and coffe shops

27. Korfu citadel
The venecian  citadel on the hill facing thhe seas is the symbol of the Korfu island

28. Hainburg
A very small town at the border between Austria and Slovakia where there are a lot of shops and geen hills

29. Bruck an der Leitha
Dlightfull austrian small town full of od buildings and churches and a few traditional restaurants and coffee shops

30. Stalida Crete
Perfect place for vacation with the family, many restaurants, shops and hotels, wonderful warm sea, glden sand and a family nice atmosphere

31. Zante
The capitol city of Zakynthos, very small and simple, with a beautiful orhtodox cathedral and many white houses with blue shades

32. Marathonisi island
An emerald lost in the middle of the sea

33. Poseidon's face in stone
A miracle of nature, a sculpture done by the force of water

34. Sarande Albania
An elegant Albanian resort on the sea, a contrast between the luxurious hotels and the poor houses and cheap food

35. Kos town
Small, elegant and typically greek city with a wonderful port

36. Kos agora
The traditional greek market in al it's beauty, fresh beautiful fruits and vegetables, sea sponges, condiments, souvenirs

37. Asclepeion ruins
The wonderful ruins of the first medical school.

38. Viena Mariahilfestrasse
The busssiest street in Viena, where all th nice shops are and a nice place to walk

39. Viena Chrismtass markets
The famous and wonderful Christmass markets full of good food, boiled wine, toys and Christmass tree ornaments, presents and a lot of fun

40. Viena Prater
The famous Viena amusement park, a wonderful place to go with the whole family

41. Brno city center
For such a small city the Brno city center is very sweet and romantic

42. Veverif Castle and lake
The castle and the huge beautiful lake at the end of the Brno city

43. Louvain-la-Neuve
I visited it during my studies, it is the only city made only for student life.

44. Jupiler beer factory and Hoogarden
One of the most beautiful fatories i have ever seen, good beer and for the first time in my life i learnt to serve beer. Hoogarden is the famous white beer is made there, wonderful taste and a very old full of charm town.

45. Marmaris
Beautifu turkish location

46. Parndorf
The shopping heaven in the Austria.

47. Oswiecim
It is a very sad and sinister place, the town where the Auschwitz camp used to be.

48. Gyor
The first big hungarian town after from the border with Slovakia, old buildings and a wonderful city center.

49. Stephansplatz
The main square in Viena where the huge and beautiful cathedral is.

A wonderful turkish vacation location

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