Sunday, April 2, 2017

The little girl and the Cathedral with dirty windows

It was 5 years ago I prayed in a small chapel in one of the most beautiful cathedrals i have ever seen: Catedral de Mallorca or La Seu. Inside the majestic church full of columns, statues, colored windows, altars and chapels, i found in a small corner one chapel opened for prayer. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and had a wonderfully white statue  of the Holy Mother as a queen. I entered and prayed for the thing i most wanted, a child, and begged her to help me. Two weeks later in Bratislava i found out i was pregnant. In April 2013, 4 years ago i gave birth to the most beautiful girl in the world: Katka.

Last year we made our summer vacation again in Mallorca and of course the first thing on my mind was to visit my beloved cathedral again and thank the Holy Mother in the same chapel, this time together with Katka. We stepped in front of the huge cathedral which looks like a sand castle on the beach and has beautiful rose windows which resemble delicate lace patterns. Katka was not very much impressed, as you can see in the picture. However she liked the swans which floated on lake in front of the church and the playground.

As we finally stepped inside the cathedral, between the dark wooden pews and the colored windows Katka again was not very impressed. I took her first to the small chapel where the statue of Mary was waiting. I prayed there again and listened to Katka's million of questions:
"Why is she up there, why are you praying, why does she have a sun behind her, and the crown, why are you kneeling, do i have to kneel too...................?"
I tried to answer as many as i could, then we walked around the church and watched all the chapels and the statues. Katka admired the colored patterns which the sun made on the church floor by passing through the rose window and all the other colored windows.

 In the end we came to the modern altar which represents the Resurrection, which has painted windows.
"Do you like it, Katka?"
"Mamaaaaa, here they have dirty windows, they should wash it."

I could not help laughing, which attracted the attention of a few tourists. Then i concluded it is time to end the visit. So we entered the shop at the end of the cathedral. Here Katka for the first time was very impressed. She walked passionately between the stands with books, postcards, glasses, cups, pencils, shot glasses, rosaries, magnets and million other small things with the image of the cathedral on them.
As we walked finally on the beautiful cobble stoned streets of the Old Town in Palma city, Katka was holding a fridge magnet and a pencil with the image of the cathedral. She tells me the gem of the day:
"Mama, i don't like these big churches, i love small churches, like our church in Rusovce."
Today we are celebrating 4 years she she was born. we have a smurf cake and Katka is the happiest little girl in the world. At her every birthday, every day of her life and my life i celebrate and am grateful for the miracle that happened to me in the cathedral with the dirty windows.

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