Saturday, May 20, 2017

Adam and Eve

Katka loves stories, every evening went we go to bed i have to read from fairy tails books, from her kiddie bible or simply tell her stories which i heard and liked when i was small. This is excellent, since i love stories too, i love to read them and write them, so it is nice to pass this quality on my child.
The goat with seven little kids and Little red ridding hood were a hit and the tricky wolf. When i read the Three little pigs she praised the pig who build his house from bricks. She was angry on the animals who were making fun of the The ugly duckling. The princess and the pea annoyed her, what kind of princess is that who is bothered by a small pea under 7 mattresses. she liked i story i told her, from when i was young, about a king a flower seeds. I love it also as it has a moral lesson in it. A king without children is looking to adopt a boy and make him prince. So he announces that all boys in the country will receive a seed, they have to take care of it for one year and the one with the most beautiful flower will be prince. There is a little orphan boy who takes his seed, cares-for it but nothing grows. After one year he is the only one in  the palace with an empty pot and he becomes prince, because the seeds given to the boys were boiled and he was the only one who didn't lie. It is a very small story with a interesting ending and a lesson about being honest.
From the kiddie bible she loves the creation story, the nativity story and the story where Jesus calms the waters of the lake during the storm. But the favorite is Jonas and whale. She loves the picture on the page with Jonas in the whale's belly. When reading to her Pinochio she looked long on the picture of Geppeto being eaten by the whale: "Mama, this is the same story like in my Jesus book."
Cinderella, The beauty and the beast and Snow white were another great hit, even if Katka believe Snow white to be a little stupid, she asked very curiously "Why did she not listen to the dwarfs, why did she go out of the house and why was she foolish enough to eat that apple." Seeing the success of Snow white i though of another apple story and introduced the Adam and Eve story, which for some reason is missing from her kiddie bible. At the end of the story she looks at me angry:"Mama, then God takes that stupid snake and throws it out of the garden."
I was a little surprised , she was upset on Snow white for eating the apple, but she was not upset on Eve. Her whole anger went to the main bad character of the story, the snake. She told me the snake is pissing her off. A few days later i see her playing Adam and Eve with plastic figurines. I put down tre whole dialog.
The snake comes:
"Hello, Eve, why don''t you eat the apples"
"Because it is forbidden."
"Who forbade it?"
"Come on, eat one."
"OK, i will eat one."
Here is stop her.
"Katka, but Adam didn't forbid anything."
"Then who forbade it."
Katka was quiet for some time and then then took her small plastic girl figurine away.
"The Eve will not eat any apple and send the stupid snake away."
Well, this girl has her priorities up right.

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