Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saint day in Slovakia (Dusicky)


Every year on November 1 all over the world the Catholics are celebrating All Saints Day. In Slovakia is is called Dusicky or "souls"and it is an official public holiday.  Since in Romania we are not celebrating it, I fell in love with this holiday as one of my favourites. It is a period when people all over the country are traveling to their hometown to visit the graves of their lost loved ones. The all saints atmosphere starts one week before the holiday. There are many lights in the cemetery, we can see people cleaning the graves and putting fresh flowers, the trains are full and in Bratislava the bus schedule is prolonged and more buses are added to acoomodate the big number of travellers. In front of the cemeteries there are many sellers with beautiful multicolored flowers and candles in many shapes and colors.

Flowers and candle sellers in front of the cemetery

On 1 November in the morning the believers are heading towards the church to take part in the All Saints Day holy mass. The after the mass all day long the people are visiting the cemeteries. We ussually go in the evening when it is beginning to get dark. As we approch the cemetery we can see a multitude of cars coming and going, extra sellers, flowers and candles in front and a river of people entering or exiting the cemetery. 

People coming and going 

As we enter on the main pathway the atmosphere is calm and respecftul and peacefull. The trees are full of yelow or red leaves, the ground  looks like a carpet of beautiful colorful dead leaves. 

Autumn colors between the graves

Carpet of leaves 

The graves and statues are covers in beautiful flowers:yellow ans red and violet, full bunches of them. On every grave there are candles, smaller and bigger. There are lights everywhere and when the evening comes they are flickering in the darkneess and creating a wonderful spectacle and atmoshere. 

Multicolored flowers
Trees, leaves, flowers, candles

In the middle of the cemetery where the is the major cross the people who don't have loved ones barrried there or whoever wants can putt a candle. So in front of the main cross millions of little lights are flickering like a multicolored carpet. People  stay there, admire the burning candles and pray. 

Carper of candles
Main cross Ruzinov cemetery

Monument in Ruzinov vemetery

Main cross Rusovce cemetery

 Main crosss Rusovce cemetery

It iss one of the most beloved holiday in Slovakia.

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