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When asking what i can visit fast and around Bratislava everybody recommended me Trnava. Trnava is one of the biggest and known cities in Slovakia. It lies on the river with the same name and was the first town in modern Slovakia to be granted civic privileges by the king. However what most attracted me to visit was the fact that Trnava has also the nickname or Slovak Rome or Small Rome. It got this name because of the many churches and old buildings which give the city a very medieval and rustic appearance. Since i very much love visiting and making pictures to beautiful churches, and especially old churches, we decided to make a one day trip.
We arrived very fast with the train from Bratislava early in the morning. Tomy own pleasant surprise the train station in Trnava is very nicely reconstructed and very modern. It is full of shops with souvenirs and newspapers and modern stairs.  

The Trnava railway station
The Trnava railway station

From the train station there is a shortcut to the city center however we preferred to start via the small streets around the train station. Also my husband wanted to visit the small, old fashion antique shops with vinyls and old books. We left with a full bag of both. 

Antique shop

Then we walked between the old buildings until we reached the more modern part of Trnava and passed along the new and modern hockey stadium and the new mall. However the old and new mingle in the town. Here and there between modern buildings you can still see the ancient city wall, which used to surround and protect the city.

Running around the streets of Trnava
The new stadium
The new mall

Hidden behind the beautiful new mall is a very important attraction in Trnava and that is the Zapadoslovenske museum, or the Western Slovakia museum. The museum contains historical and geographical documents and exhibits from the Trnava region. It also contains more buildings: the Monastery of the Poor Clare's, where most of the exhibitions are, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Museum of the Book Cultures and other small buildings.

Zapadoslovenske museum
The old city walls

From there we walked on through the beautiful city small churches appeared between the new buildings. The crosses and towers of the churches appear from behind blocks of flats and houses. Somewhere on a beautiful street with trees i found the small elegant church of St. Josef. However i was not allowed to make pictures inside. This was the only thing i did not like in Trnava, in most of the church it was forbidden to make any kind of pictures. I would have gladly payed a fee for making pictures if available.

Trnava town
St. Joseph church

We walked long along the buildings and shops and found another pearl of Trnava, the synagogue. It is one of the most beautiful synagogue i have seen, old and large, made from white and red bricks. It is not functional anymore, however it holds a museum and in front of it there is a monument dedicated to the victims of the second world war. Near the synagogue there is a stylish and elegant coffee shop which has the name Synagogue cafe, where  you can sit and enjoy delicious coffee and cakes and dishes.

The Trnava Synagogue
Trnava Symagogue

We started again to walk this time towards the old city center where most of the attractions, churches and old buildings are. From the Synagogue we were able to see already the dark brown color of the Gothic cathedral of St. Nicholas. The dome is located in a very small and elegant square with the same name. The church was sanctified in 1211 and it is one of the oldest in Trnava. Even form far away you can see the wonderfully shaped and dark brown Gothic towers.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The outside of the church impressed me by the fact that it is so simple, with white-yellowish painted walls and here and there red rick patches. Combined with the dark brown towers an the large arched windows it gives it an amazing beauty,that simplicity is the whole charm of the dome.

St. Nicholas square
St. Nicholas CathedraL

Cathedral towers

The entrance door to the church is baroque and above it is the statue of St. Nicholas, the patron of the cathedral.

The entrance to the cathedral

The interior of church leaves you totally unprepared. After the simpleness of the outside you are amazed by the richness of the altar, the large and impressively decorated organ, the beautiful pillars, the dark brown wooden pews, the golden decorations, the wonderfully painted walls and the colored windows.There is a quietness and coolness inside, it is sacred and pleasant place to sit and pray and reflect.

St. Nicholas Cathedral interior

St. Nicholas Cathedral interior

From the Cathedral St. Nicholas there are two way of returning to the city center, you can go directly to the center, however we took the detour to the visit the other major cathedral, dedicated to John the Baptist. from the outside the church looks also simple with white washed walls, large windows and it also has two towers, dark brown color. In front of the church there is a statue of Pope John Paul II. The facade of the cathedral has two inscription, one of which contains the name of the patron of the church.We can see the two towers with two large clocks.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

John Paul II statue in front of the Cathedral

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

The entrance door has three pillars on which side and two angels as if guarding it from above. On which side of the door there are 2 statues of saints. Once you step inside you are speechless, the baroque altar and church decoration are spectacular. The altar is decorated with golden statues and flowers and other stylish decorations. The walls are decorated with beautiful and colorful paintings. The ceiling is a cream color and decorated with golden garlands and richly colored oval shaped paintings. The walls and ceiling look as delicate as lace. The cathedral is a must visit for every tourist who passes through Trnava and for everybody with a taste for history and art.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral interior

St. John the Baptist Cathedral ceiling

From the cathedral we passed via a small and quiet square, where a new modern university is built.

New Trnava University

Nice green square in the middle of the town

After that we finally reached the biggest attraction for the tourist, the old city center. We passed the small and elegant St. Anne church and a very large and colorful cake and coffee shop and we were in the main square.

St. Anne Church

Coffee shop in the Old Center

The square is called the Trinity square, mainly because of the baroque statue and pillar in the middle of it. The statue represents the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit on the top of a long and nicely carved pillar. On the bottom there is a statue of St. Rosalia sleeping in a cave, a symbol of her life as a hermit. Around her as if guarding her, there are statues of saints and angels. On one side of the statue there is the building of the theater Jan Palarik.

Trinity square
Trinity statue
St. Rosalia
Trinity statue

On the other side there is the famous Renaissance Trnava City Tower. The tower is visible from almost everywhere in the old city center. It has a sundial on the side visible from the square. On top of the tower is the statue of the Virgin Mary. The curious thing about the statue is that she has two faces, as the people of Trnava didn't want the Virgin to turn her back to any part of the city. I found that very interesting and sweet.

City tower

City tower

Back on a small street leading away from the square is visible another famous and baroque church, the Franciscan St. Jacob. It is in the same style as many of the churches in Trnava, which it's yellow, cream colored walls and the dark brown wooden towers and roof.

St. Jacob church

Entrance to St. Jacob church

Near the church there is a cafe and a shop for religious objects and dresses for priests and other religious orders.Behind the beautiful church of St. Jacob there is already visible the antique city wall, which surrounded the town in ancient times.

Religious shop

Coffee shop near the church

Returning the the main square you can sit and have a nice coffee and cake at the coffee shop under the City Tower. There you can admire the large square, with cobble stones on the ground, with millions of pigeons flying here and there, with the beautiful statues and facade of buildings and a few modern looking shops and buildings.

Trinity square

City square

After the coffee we rested again near the small fountain at the end of the church and then we proceeded on the main boulevard of the city center or Hlavna. This is a very long and large street guarded on both sides by beautiful and old buildings, wonderful colored houses, shops and restaurants, coffee shops and sweet shops, souvenirs and fast foods. On the middle there are bunches of beautifully flowers and trees or artificial flowers and from here and there benches where you can sit and relax and look around you. Here and there are terrace where you can sit and enjoy a meal or a drink or somethings sweet.

Trnava small model in the middle of the town

Main streeet
Fountains in the main street

Main street
Main street

Coffee shop on the main street

On the nice boulevard we stopped at a beautiful restaurant and we enjoyed a great lunch: a wonderful creamy tomatoes soup, perfectly cooked salmon with potatoes and caramelized carrots. Then we enjoyed also a blueberry, lavender lemonade.

Lunch in city center

Lunch in the city center

lunch in the city center

At the end of the street we found a small Greece-catholic church, a small and elegant little church, called the St. Helen.

St. Helen

After that we were again out of the old center. In a nice large square we found the last beautiful church from Trnava, the Evangelical church, a very modern building and a new style church.

Evangelical church
Square near the railway station

From the square full of flowers and trees we came out in front of the railway station. From the top of the railway station building we can see as we can from almost everywhere in Trnava the sugar factory tower.
As we entered the station the rain started so we were just in time.

Park near the railway station

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